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7 Tips To Prepare Your House For Sale

Thinking About Selling Your Home? Follow These Tips To Help Sell It Faster!

I was reading a great article in and wanted to expand upon it to help you sell your home faster. If you’re are considering selling your house in the next few months, you can speed up the sale by getting it ready now with these tips:

Pack It Up!

Yes, I know that it may sound crazy to start packing now for your future move, but since you will have to do this anyway, you might as well start now. I am not suggesting packing everything, just clear out the excess stuff that takes alot of space, sort through your storage closets, attic, basement or garage to determine what you want to keep, what to give away and what to sell. Boxing up items will make your space look larger and neater when it’s time to show your home. You can also get an idea of whether you need to rent a storage facility while your home is on the market.

Clear Away the Clutter

Visit model homes or open houses of homes that have been staged to see how others have setup their houses for showing prospective buyers. Doing this will let you see that they have removed stacks of unread magazines, magnets, notes or children’s artwork loosely hanging on the refrigerator, and have minimized personal items sitting around the house. Naturally, we all have clutter, however, buyers need to be able to imagine your house as their home.  Put away items that are regularly on your kitchen sink and pack away the family photos that gather dust.

Improve Your Home

While you don’t necessarily want to do a major, expensive renovation project before you sell, you can make minor repairs and improvements that will make your home look fresher to buyers. Try things such as replacing the caulk and grout in your bathroom, updating old or rusted ceiling fans and light fixtures, and changing switch plates, doorknobs and other hardware for a clean and neat appearance. Consider painting your front door and trim even if your rooms don’t need new paint.

Update Your Colors

One of the best things that any homeowner can do to sell their home fast is to have it painted, preferably inside and out. If only one is an option, choose which needs it the most. New paint that is a neutral color will make your house look brighter and more appealing.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Companies that are professional cleaning services will help to catch all the nooks and crannies you may not notice as a homeowner. They will clean windows, thoroughly clean wall surfaces and doors, plus clear away any cobwebs that often get noticed by prospective homeowners that we may not see during daily living. A professional floor and tile cleaning service can help to make these surfaces sparkle!

Make Repairs

Look around and see where you may have leaky faucets or a squeaky door. Are your lightswitches broken or cracked, do any outlets show signs of being overheated. Typical homeowners tend to tolerate some needed repairs due to busy lives and active family lifestyles. Now is the time to complete those annoying repairs.

Research Your Neighborhood Market

If you plan to buy another home, an important decision to make is whether to sell your home first or make an offer on a new home before putting yours on the market. As a knowledgeable REALTOR® in the local market, I will help you evaluate how fast homes are selling in your neighborhood market and help you estimate how long it will take you to find a home. This decision also depends on your financing, I have local mortgage consultants that I have worked with for a long time that will help see how you can finance the transition from one home to another if you choose not to sell your home first.

My Role As Your REALTOR®

Your choice of a listing agent will make a big difference in how quickly your home sells and how much of a profit you’ll realize. I have over 26 years of experience in the local market and have helped my clients sell homes in all parts of the East Bay area. I have a network of real estate agents that will help you find buyers for your house and complete the sale fast. 

I usually develop a marketing plan and use both online and offline sources to share the listing. When you work with me, you will have someone who can present you with a detailed market analysis and network to sell your home as quickly as possible. Another benefit for using me as your REALTOR® is my professional skill at staging your home to make it appear more model home like for prospective buyers. You can read tips for staging your home.

If you spend a couple of months preparing your house for sale, you’ll find yourself ready to move fast when buyers come looking for their next home.
Diane Sass
Diane Sass
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